Google recently announced that it would like to see webmasters create a mobile website version of their desktop website for web visitors. View a recent post from Search Engine Land here. Adhering to Google's best practice advice not only creates a better user experience for visitors on a mobile device, it can also ensure you're doing everything you can to keep your SEO rankings as high as possible.  Google rewards those who comply with its best practice recommendations.

Boston Web Partners can convert your current website to mobile for much less than redesigning your entire site. We are a mobile website builder for small/ medium size companies and can custom design a mobile website that you can be proud of.
mobile site example
non responsive mobile site example
Our clients' current Desktop Website

You can view this site on your own by clicking here or going to
NOT Mobile Friendly
Mobile Website View
Boston Web Partners offers a FREE preview of your New Mobile Website Design. Contact us to learn more!
Why Do I Need a Mobile Website?
If your website is non-responsive or does not render well on a phone, find out if we can help you convert your current desktop website to a mobile website.  Contact Boston Web Partners for a FREE, no obligation preview of what your current desktop website could look like.  We'll email you the image and you can judge for yourself whether your site would be better served with a mobile version for when your customers find you on their mobile device.

* Please Note - Not all websites can be converted to a mobile website.  We'll let you know up front if that's the case.
Our client Chilling the Most sells a unique bottle/can thermos on their website.  The desktop website version above on the left looks great on a wide screen and our client is very happy with the look and performance.  Unfortunately, many of his clients were complaining that the site was too hard to manage on their cell phone. Pinching and squeezing their screen was not a pleasant experience for their customers who are typically on the go.  Boston Web Partners built our client a mobile friendly version of the desktop website which is much easier for their clients to use with big buttons and looks great!
Now when customers find our website on their iPhone or Android device, they can easily navigate their way around and even give us a call with a big, friendly "Call Us Now" button located above our image! The mobile website automatically detects when a web visitor is using a mobile device. 
Check Mark
Desktop website homepage
Mobile site on an iPhone
Mobile Website View
Check Mark
Homepage example
Here's another Before and After mobile website example. Notice how much cleaner the mobile website is on the right compared to the hard to read site in the middle.  
NOT Mobile Friendly
Mobile site on an Andriod
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