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You’ve had your current website for years, but you know it looks old and needs to be completely redone. It has served you well, but lately leads have fallen off, a couple of pages are broken and you have neglected to update other pages because you’ve been promising yourself you will be redesigning soon. Or perhaps you saw the competition recently made a giant leap forward from their old website which now makes yours look old. You’re worried your company now looks like, well, like a dinosaur online when people are visiting your site.

Your website says a lot about your business. It’s your billboard to the world. You can be as big as you want on the web, but fair or not, your credibility is being judged. Despite this, many of us neglect redesigning our corporate website for the simple reason that you feel it will be an epic undertaking. At the same time, you also know that improving your web presence will achieve a number of positive steps forward. Below is a list of improvements you can expect from Boston Web Partners:

  • Build a new site that looks great across the desktop tablet and all mobile devices
  • Move to an easier-to-edit website editing platform that you can easily update on your own. (Much easier than WordPress. We'll show you a side by side comparison online or in-person.)
  • Make your site more SEO-friendly and switch to a secure, HTTPS SSL domain for safety to protect from hacking, malware and better keyword rankings
  • Move your web hosting to the reliability of Amazon AWS hosted servers
  • Eliminate the need to constantly update your site with dicey third-party plug-in’s and theme security patches. Our CMS web platform does all this for you automatically, giving you peace of mind.  
  • Create a site that automatically detects new visitors and triggers pop-ups offers or the opportunity to sign-up for your newsletter or blog
  • Bring old pages to new life with enhanced, relevant content to resonate with your web visitors
  • And of course, create a purposeful, new design that burns in the mind of your web visitors long after they’ve left your site. Doing so will help you drive your brand and convert more prospects into leads based on a superior user experience.

The good news is all this is achievable and easier than you think with the right agency! Here at Boston Web Partners, we use the most advanced web platforms, UX best practices, conversions techniques and design to create your new, scalable web presence you can be proud of for years to come. We design and deploy websites for B2B and B2C clients across numerous verticals including high-tech, green tech, healthcare, legal, retail and professional services. All our websites are SEO friendly and lightning fast across all devices. (Much faster than WordPress) The two most comforting advantages are 1) we do not hand your web design project to interns or junior people, and 2) we guarantee design. You read that right. If for any reason you are not in love with the new website design direction, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s how confident we are in designers, developers and our experienced staff.

You are not alone with your hesitation to redesign your website. You simply need the right agency partner who will guide you and inspire you with visual ideas and technologies that will help you eclipse the competition and drive more revenue. In most cases, our clients tell us they wish they had redesigned years ago and are amazed at how seamless we make the process. From the new homepage wireframe to your first lead form submission, we will take care of every pixel to ensure your new site performs.

Contact Boston Web Partners for a free phone consultation or schedule a visit at our office to meet our staff on Newbury Street and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Let us help you make your website evolution happen. Once you hear our ideas and what we can offer, letting go of your current website will be … easy.

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