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The challenge with website design today is achieving a balance between form and substance. Form is adhering to the web usability rules, design and flow which in harmony make a web visit more pleasurable. Having intuitive navigation, strong company messaging in the right place and breaking up content enable a web visitor to “take-in” the essence of a company and its value proposition. Form is the beauty between something familiar and something not seen before.  

Substance refers to the intellectual value of the content. Is it useful? Is it compelling? Is it remarkable and conveying something the web visitor did not know prior to landing on the site? We believe there's a big difference between a "website" and "web presence." A website is a utility. A web presence is your brand, your statement, your mark on the Internet that burns an image in the web visitor's mind long after they've left the site. Without substance, form is overlooked and discarded.  

Quality websites need to embrace both form and substance in an SEO-friendly way to create an impactful experience for the web visitor and to eclipse the competition. From the home page wireframe to the last tweet, the user experience must go beyond cool images if a company’s website is to serve as a platform for delivering value.
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Green Energy Website Design
Industrial Website Design
Healthcare Consulting Client: Argenta Advisors

Project + Requirements: Client asked for a clean, Apple-like website redesign, easy-to-edit CMS, updated meta data, integrated video, unique navigation, memorable imagery slider, Google AdWords paid search campaign, remarketing and banner design to drive more web visitors.
Green Energy Client: Gridsmart Energy

Project + Requirements: A homepage heavy image on a site evokes a feeling. This is what the client wanted to achieve on this website redesign. We built the website on an easy-to-edit CMS, updated meta data and developed a new company logo and messaging after an extensive SWOT branding workshop.
Manufacturing Client: PPG Aerospace Cuming Microwave

Project + Requirements: Responsive website redesign, image slider, easy-to-edit CMS, 250+ pages, updated meta data, SEO campaign, integrated online store, Google AdWords campaign, remarketing and banner design to drive more web visitors and strengthen their online brand. A holistic web marketing strategy to successfully reclaim dominance across all online channels including social media.

* Google algorithmic penalty consulting and successful page rank restoration,
   which now exceeds original keyword organic positions.
Healthcare Consulting Client: QualComp

Project + Requirements: Website redesign, image slider, easy-to-edit CMS, updated meta data, header graphics, new print collateral, new company logo, SWOT branding workshop and company messaging.
Financial Services Client: Hub Analytics - A division of Cogo Labs

Project + Requirements: Website redesign, easy-to-edit content management system, updated meta data, new company logo and SEO keyword-infused content strategy targeting the financial trading industry.
Industrial Services Client: SilverLining Technology

Project + Requirements: The client requested a clean website design, image slider, easy-to-edit CMS, updated meta data, new company logo and header graphics for a more industrial look and feel.
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PPG Cuming Homepage
Qualcomp Homepage

Featured B2B Projects and Website Designs

High Tech Client: Digital World Research

Project + Requirements: New branded website redesign, updated messaging and a newly designed homepage image to help clients quickly understand what the research firm does, easy-to-edit content management system, updated meta data, a secure HTTPS SSL domain, blog section and a mobile responsive user experience across all mobile phone platforms (iPhone, Android) and tablets.
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Measurable, Positive Results!

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Consumer B2C Client: Guitar Factory Tours

Project + Requirements: Client was in need of an affiliate marketing website focused on guitar enthusiasts throughout the world. Client required a new logo and website design developed on an SEO friendly CMS platform. The website was developed using a secure HTTPS SSL domain and a mobile responsive user experience across all mobile phone platforms (iPhone, Android) and tablets.

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Legal Firm: Pluviose Law 

Project + Requirements: Redesigned a new SEO-friendly, responsive mobile friendly, law firm website using an easy-to-edit CMS, with a secure HTTPS SSL domain on a fast Amazon server along with content development to ensure the pages are compelling. On time and on budget.

Click to view the site here: Pluviose Law Website Preview
Consumer B2C Website Design
Law firm website design
Consumer B2C Client: LaFauci Tile

Project + Requirements: Client was in need of a new retail website. Client required that is be SEO-friendly, SSL secure, easy-to-edit, and responsive. The  site was designed to perform at optimum speed on the desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. (Much faster than a WordPress theme alternative.) “Speed is the new SEO currency, improves the customer experience and reduces bounce rate.”

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