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PPG Industries is a fifteen billion dollar global supplier of paints, aerospace coatings and chemicals. Their Cuming Microwave division is a global supplier to the defense, automotive, medical and telecom industries. It was important for PPG Cuming Microwave to have a world-class website that reflected their strength as an organization as well as encompass all of their six target client verticals. 

During the website redesign discovery process, it became clear that Cuming Microwave needed to address its entire digital ecosystem including brand messaging, SEO, PPC, social media and an updated online store to effectively compete online. This mammoth web marketing makeover paid off with an appealing website which effectively conveys credibility across Cuming Microwave's six vertical target industries along with improved web traffic through SEO, paid search and a dash of B2B social media engagement to rise above the noise.  

After an extensive SWOT workshop, Boston Web Partners also created the new "Advanced Materials and Unrelenting Innovation" messaging tagline to reinforce PPG Cuming Microwave's prowess in the industry space. Finally, Boston Web Partners worked with PPG Cuming Microwave to pull the domain out of a Google algorithmic penalty.  Our SEO efforts were so successful, PPG Cuming Microwave now dominates Page # 1 with an average position of between # 1 and # 5 for the most competitive key-phrases across multiple business sectors and industries.
Designed and developed a new 250-page website on time and on budget
Conducted a competitive SEO analysis and optimized all pages and content 
Revamped the entire Google paid search campaign including remarketing
Designed and developed a new online eCommerce store with 60 products
​Developed a LinkedIn social road map for light but effective B2B engagement 
Developed the site on an easy-to-edit content management system (CMS)
The Results
In addition to a compelling, new website design, PPG Cuming Microwave now commands Google Page #1 SEO rankings for its most important keywords. The SEO campaign is reinforced by a strong Google AdWords campaign, which included remarketing banners to help drive even more web traffic. ​The end result is literally a web marketing transformation and an evolution from what was a tired, old website with no web strategy, to a world-class online presence with search marketing drivers in place to increase top line revenue.
Client Testimonial
"Unlike other web design companies we met with, Boston Web Partners came in with a consultative business approach.  They took the website design concern off the table by offering a 100% money back guarantee if we weren't satisfied, then proceeded to tell us what we really needed to focus on. They literally transformed our online marketing presence across the board. I recommend them highly."

John Cuming - President and CEO of Cuming Microwave Corporation

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​Created a newly branded logo and tagline to drive the company vision 
Pulled the domain out of a Google algorithmic penalty and increased keyword page ranking to an all time high with over 19 Page # 1 results

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