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Paid Search, also known as pay per click (PPC), enables businesses to show up on Google page # 1 keyword results tomorrow. Text and remarketing banner ads can start circulating immediately to drive quality web traffic and leads to your website. Coupled with new landing pages for better conversion strategy, paid search can provide instant web marketing success with measurable results. Ad spend budgets can be set ahead of time so that clients do not spend one cent above what they have committed to. Results and success can be measured quickly. If you don't think people click on paid search ads, think again.

Boston Web Partners excels at Google and Bing paid search. Based on a full competitor and keyword analysis, our staff can create an entire Google or Bing paid search campaign to increase top-line-revenue. We can triangulate on any geo target and schedule ads to show up whenever and however you like based on researched keyword targets.  We achieve top results by applying the guiding principles of Google AdWords best practices, and proven paid search  techniques; particularly remarketing. Based on our collective experience from large agencies that typically charge a quarter million dollars, we apply the same paid search strategies for our small to medium-size clients. By the way, unlike the large agencies, Boston Web Partners will never hand your PPC campaign off to a junior person or an intern after the agreement is signed. Ever!

The first thing you'll notice is our paid search Process differs from many of the other agencies in Boston. There is little time for humility in business, so we will be direct. Our clients will tell you that Boston Web Partners not only drives leads, but also helps increase branding and quality web traffic to their sites. These results are backed up with hard numbers in Google Analytics. Our PPC engagements typically break out into several phases to ensure success. If your current or prospective Boston PPC agency is not conducting these steps, they are doing you a disservice:

  • Run a full keyword ranking report baseline
  • Conduct a paid search competitive analysis
  • Review your business and web traffic goals
  • Create a set of custom landing pages
  • Implement conversion tracking code  
  • Develop a keyword target list & new text ads
  • Design and deploy remarketing banners
  • Launch & report regularly on campaign results
  • Manage bids and negative keyword lists
  • Monitor the campaign daily & report monthly
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Measurable, Positive Results!
Paid search leads, also known as conversions, can happen quickly as seen in one of our client's one month success chart above if a holistic campaign is applied. Unlike SEO campaigns, which can be highly effective but take time; paid search can get you on Page # 1 tomorrow for the keywords that matter around your business. 

To read more regarding our paid search (PPC) capabilities and long-term success, please review our >> Web Marketing Case Study Contact Boston Web Partners to learn more about our PPC capabilities, and how we can assist you in driving more web traffic and leads to your website today!
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Google / Bing Paid Search (PPC) Services

Common Paid Search PPC Questions and Answers

Q: We tried running a Google paid search campaign in-house and it failed. How is it different with an agency?

A: Many businesses try to run a Google AdWords campaign on their own only to find their ad spend exhausted (or worst, wasted) with little or no quality leads to show for the effort. Our certified Google paid search team knows how to run campaigns more effectively. It's all we do. Managing bids, negative keyword lists, adjusting keywords and reporting take years to perfect. Contact us and we'll show you what you're doing wrong and how we can help. 

Q: I never click on those ads so I'm not convinced an ad campaign will work.

A: Sometimes you don't realize your clicking on an ad. Remarketing banners should also not be discounted as they influence your decision making long after you've left a site. Let us walk you through the stats and share our client success stories. If no one clicked on the ads, Google wouldn't be worth billions.
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