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Long before the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn in June of 2016, Boston Web Partners has been the LinkedIn Boston advertising agency B2B businesses turned to. Our firm is at the forefront of leveraging this important B2B channel to drive more quality leads for our clients across various verticals. With over 400+ million members, the LinkedIn social network enables our agency to hone in on the exact LinkedIn titles, company size, industries and the geo targets our clients want to resonate with. An excellent example of this can be viewed in our Knowledge Center case studies section.

Boston Web Partners excels at LinkedIn advertising services for several reasons. From the campaign set-up and target segmentation to the E-Book creation and day-to-day campaign management, our staff handles everything for you. Conversions are sent directly to your email or SalesForce CRM in real time. Leads are handed off, tracked, scored and remarketed to ensure follow-up re-engagement happens immediately and over the course of the decision-making process. Our LinkedIn advertising team also has experience in LinkedIn's advanced LLA (LinkedIn Lead Accelerator) campaign program. LinkedIn LLA is an excellent option for clients who want to aggressively go after target segments with exceptional accuracy and follow-through. Many of our B2B clients upgrade to LinkedIn LLA after seeing early success.

The first thing you'll notice is our LinkedIn strategy differs from many of the other agencies in Boston. Most firms, even the larger ones, simply "turn the campaign on" without conducting a competitive analysis. Others fail to conduct A/B testing to ferret out the best type of messaging, E-Book offering or target segments based on desired KPI's. Our clients will tell you that Boston Web Partners not only drives leads, but also helps increase brand awareness and SEO web traffic to their sites. These results are backed up with hard numbers in Google Analytics. By the way, unlike the large agencies, Boston Web Partners will never hand your project off to a junior person or an intern after the agreement is signed. Ever!

Our LinkedIn campaigns break out into several phases to ensure success. If your current or prospective Boston LinkedIn ad agency is not conducting these steps, they are doing you a disservice:
Boston LinkedIn Services
  • Design compelling ads, messaging and images
  • Test and verify conversion tracking code
  • Run A/B testing of ads and white paper offerings 
  • Report Monthly on progress and results
  • Optimize on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis
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LinkedIn Advertising Agency Services

  • Conduct a deep LinkedIn competitive analysis 
  • Develop a customer profile and target strategy
  • Create or co-write new, remarkable content
  • Assist with E-Book design and content writing
  • Segment personas and bifurcate LinkedIn ad groups
Common LinkedIn Advertising Questions and Answers

Q: LinkedIn set-up seems fairly straightforward. Do I need a LinkedIn agency to assist me?

A: On the surface, LinkedIn does appear to be very straight-forward with regard to set-up, but there is so much more you can do to make campaigns successful. That's where the agency optimization comes in. Most clients running the campaigns in-house do not conduct the necessary analysis, segmentation and manage the campaigns effectively. This results in their ad spend being exhausted too soon. After dismal results, many give up on this social channel and claim the marketing campaign failed.

Q: How much do I need to spend per month in LinkedIn to see results?

A: Ad spend refers to the funds you set aside each month to expend on having your ads seen and clicked on. The more visibility (impressions) and clicks you receive, the more likely you are to see more quality leads. Ad spend depends largely on our goals and the competitive nature of your industry. We can help you assess that.
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